Monday, October 10, 2016

Photo Series: SEPTEMBER // V of Pentacles

Hello, hello I am still here and catching up on the tarot card posts. For September I was given a reading by Secret Garden Social that seemed a little bleak but after thinking about it deeply and coming up with an image for it I realized that it may not be all that bad. Here is the reading for September...

"The card for September is the V of Pentacles. This card is often read as feeling as though one is lacking and poorly. They're on the outside looking into something good, or, as the Wild Unknown depicts it, a flower wilting from lack of light and love and care. But it ALSO offers us this, there is ALWAYS hope. You must first open your eyes and see it though!"

Contemplating this reading and relating it to my life and current events I decided to focus on the hopeful aspect of the reading which is that one can always find hope in almost any circumstance. I decided on an image of a blade of grass growing through a pile of rocks. Depending on how you look at it, you may either see desolate earth pommeled by rocks and destroying any chance the grass has for survival or a mighty blade of grass piercing through the rocks towards the light. I think this is an excellent depiction of the reading and hope that it will inspire strength.

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