Tuesday, January 19, 2016

52 List Project: list no. 1

List your goals and dreams for this year.
  • To become more financially aware/savvy - Bought and set up Quicken 2016 for Mac its amazing + started a new budget. 
  • To advance in my current job - This is the first job that I have had that I absolutely LOVE how do I know this? I am excited to wake up in the morning lol weird. 
  • To live a healthier lifestyle - Exercise bike + Jillian Micheals here I come. 
  • To find a fun exercise activity - Hiking for amazing photos. Olympic Rain Forrest!
  • To learn a new skill ie language, instrument, or hobby - Icelandic (wink wink)
  • To start planning, learning, and preparing to buy a home - I have my work cut out for me.
  • To start producing artwork for sale (I've always wanted to do this!) Etsy shop in the making.
  • To travel somewhere Paul and I have never been before - Iceland (hint hint)
  • To begin writing a book - even if it is just for me -First few storys are already in the making. 
  • To create a more structured lifestyle and introduce routine back into my life - Paul has destroyed every ounce of routine I ever had and it's ok but I need to recreate it. 
  • Get my first tattoo - I really, really, really, want a full sleeve. (I need to start small though) really really really small ;)

Take Action: What is the first step toward achieving your biggest goal? Pick one thing you can do this week to get started!

Paul and I have started this year by having "goal meetings"... This is how I intend to start making progress towards each one of these goals.

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