Thursday, August 23, 2012

Defining Leadership


This is the key word in my life right now...

The Masters in Arts Leadership Program is everything I thought it was going to be at least from what I can see so far... and much much more.

In the first class that I have been taking at Seattle University I have been drug through many different leadership models and styles of which have many strengths and weaknesses. (or pages of disclaimers about how little it has been studied and so on) 

Through my studies so far I have been forced to question my own leadership skills, abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. It has become apparent to me that first off... I have a long way to go in this area, but also that leadership requires much more than having a vision and motivating everyone else to support that vision. 

My ideas are forming and I guess this blog is a fun, safe place to lay them all down and feedback would be greatly appreciated ~

So. My definition of leadership. Equals. 

  • Passion for the thing you are trying to accomplish, which implies there is a goal and indeed I believe you must have a goal to be a leader, even if that goal is to support another leaders vision.
  • Concern for people who will be influenced by your vision along with the people you are inspiring to follow you. (A good leader cannot be narcissistic or have bad intentions for either his/her followers or for the people who will be effected by their vision for example: Hitler)
  • Unconventional Problem Solver, I say unconventional because I believe it is the people who search outside the box who are going to solve the problems of our communities and a lot of the time breaking the rules or going against the currant of our society is what it takes to access the answers that seem to be hidden.
I will add more to this idea as I learn more but for now I think this is a good start... stay tuned.

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Harold R. McAlindon

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Noni and Pa's 55th Wedding Anniversary

 Who? James and Joan Schneller 

What? Their 55th Wedding Anniversary

When? Friday August 10, 2012

Where? Among the flowers of their beautiful garden

Why? Because they deserve it!

Friday August 10th we celebrated with my grandparents their 55th Wedding Anniversary. They are a great example to every married couple and have set the standard very high for Paul and I. Although Noni (my grandma) claims Pa (my grandpa) barely made it to their 55th year, she is kidding of course, I know that their love for each other grows more everyday. My grandpa is still a practicing Pediatrician in the Tacoma area and it is always funny to me when I call Noni on his day off and she tells me she "doesn't know what she will do when he retires." Pa is an avid gardner and his garden is gorgeous! he works on it endlessly and although he hires helpers to come over and work along side him the one thing he will not let ANYONE including Paul do is mow his lawns. Noni rolls her eyes when he is out there riding around in the dark with his mower headlights on trying to finish.

A little bit about each of them:

Noni is an amazing pianist she can play anything but some of her favorite tunes are "Memories" and "Sentimental Journey." She plays the oregon for her church on Sunday mornings, and although she has been doing it for years you would think it was her very first performance every time for the amount of fussing that goes on right before.

Noni loves animals especially squirrels (unfortunately for Pa) she feeds probably the entire Lakewood population of squirrels. I will never forget the day I saw one take Pa's newly planted flower bulb up a tree while he witnessed it. He still lets Noni feed them though.

Noni is an insane political science guru... she is republican and is proud of it. I have witnessed her almost pulling politicians through the TV she gets so worked up. That is nothing compared to her love of the Seattle Mariners though especially in their golden years, you know Edgar Martinez and all. I remember I would be swimming in my grandparents pool and I could hear Noni outside screaming at the top of her lungs at the game.

Pa on the other hand loves Art. Pa used to pick me up from school every Wednesday and we would go to the local art gallery to see what was new. Pa like I said works endlessly on his garden planting new flowers, putting in walkways and fountains and the result is gorgeous. 

Pa is the wisest person I know. I can always go to him for advice and he always has the answer... If he doesn't he prays for me and that means the world. Noni and Pa are my official prayer team and I always add to their list on Sundays of things to keep in mind and together we watch Gods plans unfold as prayers are answered and denied. 

Pa has taught me a few things that I will never ever forget, he always says don't make important decisions after 6:00pm. He tells me all the time that "I think well" and it gives me my faith in myself back when times are rough. He is endlessly trying to talk me into the Flu Shot (being a doctor and all) and I think this year I will listen to him as last year I completely lost my voice for three weeks this last flu season. 

Noni and Pa really are the ones that raised me and gave me confidence in myself... now that I am married they are the best example of marriage that I can find anywhere and I hope that Paul and I will someday be able to follow their example and set a standard like their own for the generations that follow.

Love you Noni and Pa!
Happy Anniversary...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm

It's old news I moved to Bellevue! now I am beginning to wander around our new city to get aquainted. This evening Paul and I decided to go blueberry picking at Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm. We had so much fun and it reminded me a lot of hanging out on the farm... (made me a little less homesick) We ended up picking about 5 pounds of blueberries which doesn't sound like a lot but really it's a ton. I already made a dozen blueberry-cinnamon muffins and it doesn't even look like I put a dent in our bucket, they turned out great though. (I know this because Paul is actually eating them)

Check out the recipe for Blueberry-Cinnamon Muffins at Southern

Here are some pictures from our Larsen Lake adventure...

The baby bird that was in my bush

the cute blonde guy that follows me everywhere

I love that Paul will actually do this stuff with me, what an amazing husband!

Another recipe I want to try is the Blueberry Bee Pollen Raw Vegan Smoothie... It sounds weird but could possible taste good and be good for you.