Friday, August 30, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!... and I don't mean Christmas.

Ok first off I aplologize for changing the format of my blog ALL the time... I am a little OCD and I am trying to teach myself how to design a blog, so again I apologize and I think it is going to stay this way for now.

Today I am officially feeling it... It's fall time and I am so excited! Fall in my family starts when the Puyallup Fair opens. My Mom said that was the beginning of fall and would drag all of the horse blankets from the tack room and bundled the horses all up at night when we brought them into the barn. I don't have that to look forward too anymore but some of my favorite fall things now are: pumpkin spice latte's, colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, boots, and movie nights cuddled up with Nemo and my love.  

One of my greatest memories when I was little is my grandparents taking me and my brothers to the Key Bank near their house. We would park their big van under the huge colorful trees and climb up to pick them and fill our grocery bags full, then we would go home and make art projects. My grandma would help us iron them in wax paper. (Thinking I might do this, this year!) Stay tuned for DIY leaf projects... Paul and I actuallly made our own art project a couple years ago, we were inspired by Artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Well it's almost Fall Time and I couldn't bee more excited! Stay tuned for DIY fall projects and recipes oh and check out this one >>> Pumpkin Chip Cookies

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oregon Coast Engagement 2010

3 years ago today Paul showed up at my apartment early in the morning with his Art Institute backpack and told me to get up we were going somewhere. Me not being a morning person was pretty grumpy about this… I threw on some old comfy clothes, and jumped in the car. Paul drove and drove and when I finally started to wake up I realized we were on our way to the coast. When we finally arrived near Cannon Beach Paul parked and we walked along the water until we came to a quite clearing where there was an old shipwreck of some sort. Paul got down on one knee and nervously pulled out if his backpack a beautiful ring that he picked out all by himself… I had no idea. I just remember immediately dropping to my knees, giving him a huge hug saying YES!!! and then putting on the ring. We sat on the beach and watched the sunrise and then drove into a cute little village and spent the day together. It was amazing! One of the many best days of my life since Paul has been in it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


When I was growing up going to the beach either meant driving a long way to the depressing cold Washington Coast squished in between my brothers who couldn't sit next to each other in the car because they fought... or it meant boarding a plane and flying to a tropical paradise in Hawaii. So it is no surprise that when Paul invited me to the Oregon Coast when we first started dating that I wasn't exactly excited about it, other than being able to spend time with him. Well I was completly wrong! I love the Oregon Coast and all it's cozy beach splendor. Which is why I am super excited to travel to Lincoln City during summer break with my Mr. 

Paul and his family introduced me to a little town called Yachats and were nice enough to let me tag along on multiple family trips. It is a gorgeous little town and the perfect place to unwind and relax. One of my favorite places there is The Drift Inn a super cute little restaurant it has little umbrellas hanging all over from the cieling. I am not sure how many times we have been there since but I do know it was the perfect most romantic place to spend our honeymoon and I look forward to all of our future trips there to come. 





There is this song I really love and I am kind of embarassed to say that it is by The Used (I guess that was my rebellious phase) I like it because it paints a picture with words and the picture looks a lot like Yachats to me...