Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oregon Coast Engagement 2010

3 years ago today Paul showed up at my apartment early in the morning with his Art Institute backpack and told me to get up we were going somewhere. Me not being a morning person was pretty grumpy about this… I threw on some old comfy clothes, and jumped in the car. Paul drove and drove and when I finally started to wake up I realized we were on our way to the coast. When we finally arrived near Cannon Beach Paul parked and we walked along the water until we came to a quite clearing where there was an old shipwreck of some sort. Paul got down on one knee and nervously pulled out if his backpack a beautiful ring that he picked out all by himself… I had no idea. I just remember immediately dropping to my knees, giving him a huge hug saying YES!!! and then putting on the ring. We sat on the beach and watched the sunrise and then drove into a cute little village and spent the day together. It was amazing! One of the many best days of my life since Paul has been in it.

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