Thursday, April 4, 2013

what is a narm?

I have to share the miXmedia membership to the Bellevue Arts Museum. It is a membership that costs $100.00 for two people when purchased through BAM. This membership grants you access to over 550 museums across the United States as part of the NARM or North American Reciprocal Museums >>>Click here to see all of the Museums covered by this!!!!!!<<<  It really is a deal and I think more people should know about it.

Because Paul and I are members we were able to visit the new Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. Honestly, I would have totally paid for this museum experience even if it wasn't on our card. The fact that it was though was a major plus. Paul and I stayed at MOHAI for about two hours and could have been there even longer reading about Seattle throughout history. 

Some of our highlights from the Museum was the film and music section- there was a great replica of the Fraiser Show set! My favorite part by far was John Grade's "Wawona" sculpture you can see the pictures I took of it below along with a short clip of it in the making.


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