Wednesday, September 16, 2015

San Francisco Blogcademy: A blogger must!

Paul and I flew down to San Francisco last weekend and I attended the Blogcademy for the first time. It was so much fun! and I learned so much. It was a two day workshop 10:00am-5:00pm both days with a lunch break and time to talk to other bloggers. I really feel like the workshop was well worth the travel and investment for the following reasons...

Networking opportunities -There were about 20 other bloggers in the class everyone with a different background, story, and blog focus. It was great to hear everyone's experiences and questions. It also made me realize that although my Pacific Northwest Style seems mainstream to me living here in Seattle it is very different from a lot of other bloggers. It gave me hope that I am not being sucked into an inauthentic vacuum.

Industry tips and tricks - I don't want to give anything away but I was really appreciative of how the headmistresses shared blogging advice in detail with us, coding, blogging audit advice, finances, and ever social media tips. That is only a dent in the mass amount of info that we received in the two day course and it really helped me to realize that there are so many resources out there to expand my blog.

Different perspectives on blogging - The class is taught by three very different headmistresses, Gala Darling, Shauna Haider, and Kat William each had their own experiences with very different perspectives yet are wildly successful I found it very refreshing that the class was taught to focus on what works for me while infusing suggestions of new techniques. 

MOTIVATION - Over this last summer I lost motivation to blog and fell into a negative patch in my life and this convention was a great motivator to get started again. I think I realized throughout the class that I actually have a story to tell, and I really do love blogging as a creative outlet. 

In closing I would absolutely recommend the Blogcademy for any blogger in any stage of their creative experience it was extremely insightful and motivating! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Modcloth Fit Shop: Visiting San Francisco

One of my favorite shops of all time is ModCloth. Which is no surprise, I love that they update their website every. single. day. (10:00am Pacific Time) with new seasonal clothes everyone with a cute name and description. I love that they have so many reviews on each product which helps me to know what size and fit is best for me. There customer service is freaking amazing! Someone always gets back to me immediatly and my shipping has been upgraded a number of times. They are AWSOME! end of positive rant lol ;) Paul and I were in San Francisco this last weekend I was attending the Blogcademy and he had a meeting at Skywalker Sound... (proud wife bragging) Since I new I was going to be in San Francisco I wanted to check out ModCloths first FitShop. I was so disappointed when I saw that they intended on closing September 7th but was super excited when they decided to extend their stay until after the holidays!... if you are in the area you HAVE to go check it out. I made an appointment and was able to try on one of the dresses >>> The Guilded Grace Dress in champagne >>> I constantly drool over it was so fun and now I know how it fits. I am thinking of this dress for Christmas, actually, with some red accents.

We had an absolute blast in San Francisco! and although we are SO tired from all the things we packed into 3 days it was well worth it. Stay tuned for more posts from our trip.