Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY (French) Terrarium

I am going to actually do work after this but for now I am procrastinating with plants...

I have been annoying Paul that I wanted plants for our apartment and yesterday on our "Saturday" which now actually isn't even that because I have class... Paul took me to Molbak'sThis is officially my new favorite place at least for now. It's huge and they have every kind of plant you could possibly imagine they even have a little cafe where we had lunch. Paul and I picked out a few succulents and I created a terrarium for our apartment.

I love these pretty little plants! their crazy names are:
  • Blue Spruce
  • Fulda Glow
  • Crassula Argent
  • Sempervivum Mix "houseleeks"
  • Echeveria

which I'm glad I looked them up or I would never remember:

Terrarium Ingredients: Succulent plants, glass bowl, gravel, eiffel tower, and quartz

 Thank You for taking me to lunch and letting me pick out plants amazing husband!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Reminders

When Paul and I moved to Bellevue I was really nervous I would be too overwhelmed with the city life (the constant car alarms and fire engines are getting on my last nerve). I had a hard time adjusting even just moving into Tacoma after growing up a farm kid in Spanaway, Washington so I was surprised when Paul and I stumbled upon our new home. It is so beautiful in this area of Bellevue there are trails, lakes, and even community gardens I love it so much, and it makes for great walks and talks with my love. It may sound strange but it's environments like this that remind me of home, of the farm and I know that as far fetched as it may seem finding a home in the city with such beautiful reminders was not an accident, God blessed our new dwelling in a beautiful way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spongebob and the Cutest Kid on Earth...

Today I attempted to paint a Spongebob mural on my nephew Colton's bedroom wall. He loves Spongebob, so I was so excited when I saw him recognize with a huge smile the cartoon I painted. Colton is by far the cutest, sweetest kid I've met so far and yes I might just be saying that because I'm his aunt. This is my first mural, and I hope to have it finished for Colton this Friday so stay tuned for picks of the finished Spongebob and Patrick lol...