Saturday, February 22, 2014

NONONO - Pumpin Blood (Official Video)

I heard this band on the readio a few days ago and I loved them! It took forever to track down this song but I found it Yay and the video is sort of cute... enjoy

Monday, February 17, 2014

Greek Salad Recipe

Ok, ok so I have a ton of research to do and life in general is a little crazy right now (probably shouldn't be blogging but it is my therapy/outlet for Grad School honestly). That being said I am still trying to remember to stay sane and attempt to be healthier this year. I started a 30 day workout routine and Paul and I are going to try to be a little more conscientious of our meals so here is an awesome dinner recipe from All Recipes for an amazing Greek Salad it was so good and very filling.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What'll it be?

1. Baxter
2. Nedwin (cedar tortoise)
3. Theo
4. Finch (grenadine)
5. Quincy (brushed ink)

With 2014 I think I am going to get an extra pair of glasses seeing how I misplace or break mine at least once a month (I tend to be really hard on my things lol) In order for my insurance to cover prescription glasses they have to be from a company in the U.S. which rules out Rivet & Sway. However, I found another group called Warby Parker and I love their glasses and home try on program! So not sure what you think or if you care, or if I’m talking to anyone when I write this but looking at all these pictures I think I like number 3 or Theo. So we shall see I may be opting for the super-nerdy-huge glasses.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Life Lately

Recently my life has taken a few little unexpected turns (nothing drastic), I am really excited actually they are good! and will push me exactly in the direction I am trying to aim my life. The hard thing with all of this however, is going to be relying on God to steer my life through all of the changes that are ahead while remaining calm and patient. I am hoping that the next few months or at least until graduation will go by quickly and smoothly. 

There was a point in my life that was very dark, and I learned that relying on God was a daily practice that took exercise. This included reflecting on the day and looking for Gods presents and prayers of thanks and gratitude for even the small gifts that I tended to overlook. This is something I am going to be working on and the best part is knowing that although I have no idea what the future holds, I can take comfort in seeing the footprints of God in my past and knowing that he is walking along side me to the future.

The theme of 2014 so far for me has been all about change, conquering my fears, and trying new things. I am already checking off New Year resolutions, and feeling great! 

Below are just some pictures from life lately...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Re-purposed rock collection DIY

Ok so I bet your wondering where I got all of these rocks? Fortunately for me I started collecting them when I was little on a family trip across the Midwest. So I have a ton! This is a really fun project. I just bought some magnets from Hobby Lobby that were strong enough for my refrigerator and to hold up the rocks, then just hot glued them to the back of my favorite ones. I feel kind of nerdy for the amount of excitement in getting to see my favorite rocks from my collection, but it's sort of like reliving my childhood lol

P.S. Regular magnet sets are exspensive so try a project like this...

Happy Crafting!