Thursday, February 13, 2014

What'll it be?

1. Baxter
2. Nedwin (cedar tortoise)
3. Theo
4. Finch (grenadine)
5. Quincy (brushed ink)

With 2014 I think I am going to get an extra pair of glasses seeing how I misplace or break mine at least once a month (I tend to be really hard on my things lol) In order for my insurance to cover prescription glasses they have to be from a company in the U.S. which rules out Rivet & Sway. However, I found another group called Warby Parker and I love their glasses and home try on program! So not sure what you think or if you care, or if I’m talking to anyone when I write this but looking at all these pictures I think I like number 3 or Theo. So we shall see I may be opting for the super-nerdy-huge glasses.

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