Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween with the Millers...

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday it's so cozy and a fun kickoff to the season. In the past my family used to put on huge haunted barn parties. This was my all time favorite costume... Paul and I were Sweeney Todd and Miss Lovett.

We sort of had it down...

This year though we just relaxed which was really nice, and much needed.
we watched this...

carved these...

actually my amazing husband carved mine and let me decorate it so sweet...

Ohh and I baked these... so good... Pumpkin Chip Cookies you can get a similar recipe here. I accidentally made a ton whoops.

Even "cute nose" got his own little pumpkin....

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Picture Day!

Today was a good day! I was able to head to Spanaway early this morning to do a family photo shoot for my brother Andy and his family Sara, Colton, and dog Moose. 

DISCLAIMER: I am defiantly defiantly not a professional photographer but I thought I would at least make an effort to get some great family portraits for Andy and Sara.

I also now have a better appreciation for child photographers... holy crap! Colton doesn't sit still for more than 5 seconds without me giving him something valuable to play with ex. my i-phone. (much better than any of his toys)

So in these photos I just let Colton do whatever he wanted and took photos of that. This ended up Colton playing in Andy's jeep.

enjoy the photos...

 Above: My Favorite

Oh and lastly these are my ideas for possible Halloween or Christmas Cards : )

Monday, October 22, 2012

Christmas Decorations and Paul

If Paul and I were a movie couple especially around Christmas time... ñthis would be us. Paul has an obsession with Christmas lights so you can imagine how I felt when we went for a Costco run and all of the Christmas decorations and lights were already on display. was like a moth to a flame, all focus gone.

I have to admit when he decorates a house he really goes all out. He even connects the lights to his laptop so they change colors. See below...


 All this being said to simple say I love my husband and I am excited for Christmas time again... and yes I know we need to make it through Halloween first.

Happy Fall everyone Christmas is just around the corner : )

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daily Inspiration by Pablo

While I am brainstorming ideas for this blog here is a little bit of daily inspiration from Pablo...

Art washes away from the 
soul the dust of everyday life. 
                                                                                - Pablo Picasso