Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th Inspired Table Decor

Hey everyone! Today is my Birthday and to celebrate I created a "Friday the 13th" inspired table setting. Personally I view the 13th as a lucky day ;) but traditionally it has been viewed as a very unlucky number. I used this as an excuse to explore my love of Gothic decor. When I was planning this shoot I immediately thought of the old tree stumps at Rattlesnake Lake they remind me of Tim Burton trees and I knew they would make the perfect makeshift table. Apparently Rattlesnake Lake used to be a small town called Moncton the town flooded and is no longer there all that is left is the lake and creepy logged trees. I just kept imagining how cool a wedding would be out there by the water (if it weren't so muddy!) using all of the stumps for tables. When I was deciding on a theme for this shoot I was excited to discover that my birthday was on it's original Friday the 13th date and if you are planning a similar event here is a list of the next freaky Fridays to come. Also, I found so many awesome craft items at the Spirit Store and since Halloween is over everything is 60% off. I hope you enjoy this post, I really enjoyed designing it and I think there will be a lot more table decor and event design posts in the near future.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Gothic Bouquet DIY

Ihave these ideas every so often that haunt me until I make them a reality and lately that has been throwing together a table decor post. When I was thinking of a theme it really was a no brain-er to do something centered around my birthday which is on it's original date this year Friday the 13th. I decided I really wanted a large centerpiece but did not want to spend a lot on flowers so I made most of the arrangement with things I already had. Follow the directions below to create a moody-Gothic bouquet or add your own spin on the arrangement.

  • Terrarium
  • Fake green moss
  • Red apples
  • Gold skulls (bought from Spirit Halloween and spray painted) 
  • Fake spider webs/natural color (also bought from Spirit Halloween everything is 60% off!)
  • Branches (Indigenous to the area of the photo shoot to look more natural)
  • Large deep red flowers
When making your arrangement make sure you wash your terrarium so it is easy to see inside. Place the moss in the bottom and then press some of the skulls and apples into the moss where they can be seen through the glass. Then take branches and crisscross them throughout the bowl making sure they are evenly distributed. Once you have done that strategically place your red flowers in the bouquet. Once you have your arrangement looking the way you want it take the remaining skulls and sprinkle them over the top even place them inside the red flowers. And there you go! I think this would even look amazing for an off beat bridal bouquet as well.

***Full Gothic Table Setting post will be on the blog Friday, November 13th!***