Thursday, July 7, 2016

Photo Series: JULY // IV of Swords

As some of you might have remembered I am doing a monthly photography collaboration with the talented Jordana of Secret Garden Social. Every month Jordana does a tarot card reading and gives me a basic theme. In June we focused on death - meaning letting go of the things in your life that do not serve you anymore. Anytime we let things fall out of our lives it opens doors for new opportunities and with new opportunity usually come a period of chaos, not in a bad sense but in that there are new things to be learned and it pushes us out of our routine. The photo for this month was taken at Seabrook, WA. This is a photo of a family relaxing on the beach enjoying each others company and the vast beauty of the sea. I can not think of a better symbol of rest and patience. Remember to check out the Etsy Shop and collect all the tarot card prints.

"This month's card is: IV of Swords The message here is rest and patience. June brought about a lot of big changes and the cogs of that change may still be working. July is all about taking a break from the stress, not pushing yourself too hard when you know it's not good for you and making sure you are taking care of yourself."
- Secret Garden Social

Peach at the Beach

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