Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A few days ago I learned that my dog Wyatt was put to sleep. I found out through the grapevine unfortunately so I don't know all the details, it was really sad finding this out after the fact as I would have liked to say goodbye to my old friend.

Wyatt-kins was the nicest dog ever he was so happy and cuddly and whenever I saw him I couldn't help but smile. Wyatt made bad days perfect again, and I will always remember how when I would get home and drive up our long driveway in my bug(car) Wyatt would deliberately walk in-front of me so I would have to drive extremely slow not to miss him, then he would walk along side the driver side window and he was just tall enough that I could see his beady little eyes.

Wyatt loved frozen waffles, which I think is really weird for a dog. He would take them gently out of my hand with his teeth (that goes for any treat... Wyatt wasn't rude about food) and walk to our front lawn, quietly wait for me to leave or look away from him and then eat his snack.

(this one is a sort of embarrassing memory)

Everyone in my family eventually started putting "kins" after Wyatt's name and I take credit for that as it came from the Wyatt song which I made up and used to sing to him when I was alone (of course) in the barn. So he became Wyatt-kins.

Wyatt was the most kind hearted dog, at any given moment I could look out my window and see him sleeping under the car port with our barn cat cuddled up next to him.

Rest in peace my old buddy, you will be missed, I hope there are lots of frozen waffles in doggie heaven.

Love ash

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