Monday, December 31, 2012

Counting the Blessings of 2012...

Last year on New Years Day I said a prayer and asked God that if I couldn't have everything I wanted or accomplish all the things that I thought I needed to, that in 2012 I would at least stay on the path He wanted me on, have plenty of meaningful opportunities, and most of all... just. be. happy. My prayer was answer a hundred times over again.

~2012 Adventures~

  In 2012 we adopted NEMO
I began working for the Bellevue Arts Museum!
the best job ever!
Met this amazing person my co-worker Lindsay
at the Bellevue Arts Museum
My hardworking husband got a job working for Microsoft
And I have to mention a blessing for Paul that in 2012 he was able to work for Bad Animal Studios in Seattle to learn more about that click > HERE

We relocated to Bellevue, WA  
We had a wonderful trip to Kauai
... and celebrated our FIRST Anniversary there
I became the Curator at Tacoma Art Place
at TAP I learned how to Plan and Conduct an Art Show
Organized a "Member and Volunteer" Art Show
Worked at my first Bellevue Arts Fair
I also was given an amazing opportunity to be the executive intern at the Gage Academy of Art click > HERE to learn about the Gage Academy. I am now workong on my Graduate Practicum there as in 2012 I was accepted and began Graduate School at Seattle University click > HERE to learn about the Masters of Arts Leadership Program.

Masters in Arts Leadership Class of 2014
I feel so tremendously blessed for all the great things that happend in 2012 and I only hope that one day soon I will be able to give back as generously to others as God has given to me.

So tonight I will say the same New Years prayer for us all. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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