Monday, November 24, 2014

Delicate Forrest Berry Pie

Alright! It's Thanksgiving time, so of course I am in my baking frenzy and loving it. I really wanted to make a pie this year since I never really have the chance to make them. My favorite type of pie is razzleberry and so I wanted to make something similar in taste. I was flipping through an old pie recipe book and I came across this recipe for a sweet Forest Berry Pie. The recipe calls for blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, which I used however, I purchased frozen mixed berries with strawberries as well and just removed them to save on cost. (berries are expensive this time of year!) The recipe also did not call for cut leaves but I thought it made my "Forrest Pie" a little more forrest-y feeling. I can't wait to bring this to my family's Thanksgiving! For directions on how to bake a similar pie visit

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Birthday Girl Post

ell, my Birthday Week is over I made it another year... and what a wonderful one it was. I really feel like I made a lot of progress in life this last year with my personal goals. Out of the "26 before 27 goals" that I made for myself I met over half which I am pretty excited about. I will not be sharing because #1 they are personal (lol I don't know why that's stopping me) and #2 somethings don't need to be a reference point for others. Really you just have to asses your own life, where you want to go, and create your own list. You got this! This next year is going to be packed full of change and growth I can just feel it. Over the last two years I was really limited as to what I could do because of my commitment to Graduate School, but that is over and I am FREEEE... so there will be much traveling, lots and lots of projects, plus a mini life makeover. My job hunt is still NOT over, but you know what? It's ok! I am really loving the time I am able to spend with my family and the creativity that has seemed to have taken root in my mind since I have been freed up. That being said I actually found a silver lining to this whole unemployed never-ending job hunt and that is that I feel more strongly about my career path and have narrowed it down even more. It just feels good to be able to think about your future career and know that it is not a shot in the dark but something you really like doing. So there's that!

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About the last few days... Paul and I really had fun together we took the Ferry over to Poulsbo to walk through the town. Paul loves it because there is an awesome Bakery called Sluy's Bakery. I love it because the little town is just cram packed full of inspiration! EVERYWHERE! Ideas for projects, and rusty thrown out items that have so much potential to be something new and beautiful. I am working on a Annie Sloan paint project right now which I cannot wait to share with you! I purchased the paint at a store called The Vintage Housewife, actually it was one of the reasons we went to Poulsbo because Annie Sloan paint is only sold at specific vendors in order to support small businesses which I LOVE and totally admire. I opened the paint can and brushed on the first coat, and I died a little inside... that's how insanely gorgeous this piece of furniture is gonna be so stay tuned.

Ok end of birthday post! on to another unforgettable year in Ashley adventures...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tis the season to be glam...

Idecided to practice holiday looks today, I think I might have this whole updo thing down. This hairdo was pretty easy, all I really did was use a curling iron to create ringlet like curls, then I pinned the hair to the side pulling my bangs down a bit. Then gently one by one I picked up the curls and pinned them in a bunch. Im excited because I am trying to get sort of a soft ombre color in my hair which means each time I go to my stylist we darken my roots and drag the color through my hair leaving the ends lighter... I can see it is starting to show especially with this style! I really love how this turned out it reminds me of the Ladies of Downton Abbey which I think is my inspiration for my holiday looks this season.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIY Fresh Fir Wreath

My creative bug is back! I was walking through Pottery Barn and William Sonoma a few days ago taking in all sorts of inspiration for my own holiday DIY projects. When I was walking through Pottery Barn I was especially drawn to all of the pine and berry decor. Vanilla Sugar Cookie has long been my favorite holiday scent but this year pine has definitely taken over. Nordic Pine, Basaltic Pine, Northwest Pine... you name it they smell so Christmas-y and great! That being said the little scented ornaments and pinecones designed to capture the smell just doesn't do it for me. So I decided to make a fresh wreath using berries and pine tree branches found outside. I have to admit I was leery of this I've never made a wreath before but it isn't that difficult. I just bunched the pine needles together and twined the wire around them braiding it around the wreath wire, then I added the berries, and pine cone over the foliage tying a ribbon on it last. I used the wire wreath to support and hang it not the ribbon - just a note. I have nothing against William Sonoma, Anthropology, or Pottery Barn but I have to admit making my own fresh fir wreath is not only cheeper, but much more creatively fulfilling. 

So get crafty and collect these things so you too can make a holiday wreath for your hearth...

What you need:
26 gauge florist wire
Round wreath wire
Wire cutter
Ribbon or rafia
Pine, branches, berries, holly or any festive plant

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall in the Pacific Northwest

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all is in full swing in Seattle, we have already had our first big storm of the season and the aftermath has left a colorful display of leaves everywhere. Paul and I decided to take a hike today around Kelsey Creek and were able to play in the leaves a bit. Fall always reminds me that the best things in life can't be bought. Walking around with Paul, my husband and best friend in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest forrest is a real reminder that nothing man-made can beat Gods creations. These last few months have been a real reminder for me that I need to have faith. I am still on a never ending job search which is sort of well necessary for me to accomplish first before I can start on any of my other goals. So, yes it has been frustrating but I know that there is a plan and all this time I have had of unemployment has been a chance to really truly realize and count my blessings.