Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tis the season to be glam...

Idecided to practice holiday looks today, I think I might have this whole updo thing down. This hairdo was pretty easy, all I really did was use a curling iron to create ringlet like curls, then I pinned the hair to the side pulling my bangs down a bit. Then gently one by one I picked up the curls and pinned them in a bunch. Im excited because I am trying to get sort of a soft ombre color in my hair which means each time I go to my stylist we darken my roots and drag the color through my hair leaving the ends lighter... I can see it is starting to show especially with this style! I really love how this turned out it reminds me of the Ladies of Downton Abbey which I think is my inspiration for my holiday looks this season.


  1. Oh, how pretty! I'm excited for the holiday season, to get all glammed up, and I love this hairdo! Especially since, like you said, it has a Downton quality to it. Gorgeous.