Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIY Fresh Fir Wreath

My creative bug is back! I was walking through Pottery Barn and William Sonoma a few days ago taking in all sorts of inspiration for my own holiday DIY projects. When I was walking through Pottery Barn I was especially drawn to all of the pine and berry decor. Vanilla Sugar Cookie has long been my favorite holiday scent but this year pine has definitely taken over. Nordic Pine, Basaltic Pine, Northwest Pine... you name it they smell so Christmas-y and great! That being said the little scented ornaments and pinecones designed to capture the smell just doesn't do it for me. So I decided to make a fresh wreath using berries and pine tree branches found outside. I have to admit I was leery of this I've never made a wreath before but it isn't that difficult. I just bunched the pine needles together and twined the wire around them braiding it around the wreath wire, then I added the berries, and pine cone over the foliage tying a ribbon on it last. I used the wire wreath to support and hang it not the ribbon - just a note. I have nothing against William Sonoma, Anthropology, or Pottery Barn but I have to admit making my own fresh fir wreath is not only cheeper, but much more creatively fulfilling. 

So get crafty and collect these things so you too can make a holiday wreath for your hearth...

What you need:
26 gauge florist wire
Round wreath wire
Wire cutter
Ribbon or rafia
Pine, branches, berries, holly or any festive plant


  1. Making my own wreath is always much more fun than buying one! And also cheaper, haha! I love the one you made, it's so pretty!

  2. it's very pretty ! like this kind of things :)