Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Birthday Girl Post

ell, my Birthday Week is over I made it another year... and what a wonderful one it was. I really feel like I made a lot of progress in life this last year with my personal goals. Out of the "26 before 27 goals" that I made for myself I met over half which I am pretty excited about. I will not be sharing because #1 they are personal (lol I don't know why that's stopping me) and #2 somethings don't need to be a reference point for others. Really you just have to asses your own life, where you want to go, and create your own list. You got this! This next year is going to be packed full of change and growth I can just feel it. Over the last two years I was really limited as to what I could do because of my commitment to Graduate School, but that is over and I am FREEEE... so there will be much traveling, lots and lots of projects, plus a mini life makeover. My job hunt is still NOT over, but you know what? It's ok! I am really loving the time I am able to spend with my family and the creativity that has seemed to have taken root in my mind since I have been freed up. That being said I actually found a silver lining to this whole unemployed never-ending job hunt and that is that I feel more strongly about my career path and have narrowed it down even more. It just feels good to be able to think about your future career and know that it is not a shot in the dark but something you really like doing. So there's that!

Modcloth Style Gallery - Click to Shop!
cardigan | Target
scarf | Found in Paris
dress | Modcloth
tights | Target
shoes | Modcloth

About the last few days... Paul and I really had fun together we took the Ferry over to Poulsbo to walk through the town. Paul loves it because there is an awesome Bakery called Sluy's Bakery. I love it because the little town is just cram packed full of inspiration! EVERYWHERE! Ideas for projects, and rusty thrown out items that have so much potential to be something new and beautiful. I am working on a Annie Sloan paint project right now which I cannot wait to share with you! I purchased the paint at a store called The Vintage Housewife, actually it was one of the reasons we went to Poulsbo because Annie Sloan paint is only sold at specific vendors in order to support small businesses which I LOVE and totally admire. I opened the paint can and brushed on the first coat, and I died a little inside... that's how insanely gorgeous this piece of furniture is gonna be so stay tuned.

Ok end of birthday post! on to another unforgettable year in Ashley adventures...


  1. Oops, sorry I'm late : Happy birthday :D
    At the second I saw your dress I knew it was from Modcloth ! I so love this shop !
    Bixx :)

  2. Thank you! I know I am getting good at spotting Modcloth too, love their fashion.

  3. Love that scarf!! Also, happy belated birthday :)

  4. Happy Birthday! :) Great outfit an location!