Monday, January 21, 2013

i think I'm in love with this BRAND

This quarter in school I am taking a class called Marketing and the Arts. One of my first assignments was to think of a brand I like and one I don't and why that is. After doing that assignment I started thinking more about brands and how I am being sought out for my business. While birthday shopping for my husband I came across THIS brand and when I was contemplating buying it I ran through the reasons I even considered picking the shirt up off the shelf in the first place.

 1. The shirt was plain with no large logo's, which is what my husband and I like... "we aren't walking sandwich boards"

 2. The quality of the fabric is amazingly soft.

 3. It looks like the brand is somewhat planet friendly. Although, I have no evidence to support this other than the companies claims, it is more than I can say for most of the clothing I already own.


Let's Recap:

1. I already knew what I wanted so the brand had to first meet my pre-concieved check list.
2. The brand impressed me with it's quality, and...
3. It "sealed the deal" with it's earth friendliness.

This is just a blurb to reiterate what I am learning in class but I think arts organizations can learn from this.

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