Tuesday, June 25, 2013

diy floral headpiece

I love crafting, my latest atempt was creating a floral headpiece while watching Silver Linings Playbook I might add >>> cutest movie ever!

Where did I get my inspiration... well I love AnthropologieFree People, and bhldn so I was surfing the web an stumbled upon this >>> Super Expensive Headpiece it is gorgeous I will admit, but I am so not willing to pay $400.00 for it when I can make somthing that looks similar for $20.00.

So here you go >>>

  • Silk flowers with leaves in colors of your choice
  • Feathers
  • 1.5" or 2" wide elastic headband
  • Hot gluegun
  • Gluegun refills
  • Jar or bowl to use as a stand for your headpiece while your working

Turn on a chick flick (very important!), and separate the flowers from their stems. Make piles of different colors and shapes of petels, leaves, and feathers. Put the elastic headband on a jar or bowl to hold it while you glue. Hold the items up to the band to see what it looks like before you glue. Glue the back of the item and then pinch it with the headband material... repeat all the way around the band leaving a 2" or 3" space at the back. And Ta Da! there your go a beautiful halo.

Have fun creating and good luck!

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