Thursday, June 27, 2013

diy clip-on earings

Remember when you went to the doctor as a kid and you saw that other kid screaming, crying, and running around the office. Well that was me. I hate shots, the doctor, hospitals, and injuries... that being said it is no surprise that I never volunteerd to have someone hole punch my ears. I am however obsessed with pretty sparkly things like earings so I decided to teach myself how to make clip-ons.

So again... here you go. I really hope my directions are not confusing ; )

Earing Clips
Small Plyers
Pretty earings of your choice

Find the loop that holds the hook of your earing. Open the loop with the small plyers. Take the hook of the earing off and attach the open loop on the new clip-on attachments. Close the loop of the earing around the new clip-on with the plyers... make sure it is secure. Annnnd your done!


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