Monday, April 15, 2013

Grandma Cook

~ My Memories of Grandma Cook ~

My Grandma has struggled with all different forms of cancer for many years. She would never let you know it nor could you have guessed, which is why I will always refer to her as the strongest woman I know. Here are some memories I have of Grandma Cook...

Grandma to the Rescue:
When I was little my Mom used to have Andy and I (the twins) eat at a kids table in our laundry room. One morning Grandma Cook was on her way to our house to visit, while my Mom was finishing cleaning up the house all of a sudden I screamed, "watch out its gonna tip over," and lifted up the little table we were eating our cereal at. Andy my brother grabbed his cheerios and saved them, but I forgot about my bowl and it slid across that table right into his face. I thought I was a goner as my Mom grabbed a white towel, which we hated because she almost ripped off our skin every time she wiped our faces, poor Andy. While I was standing there crying, and explaining it was an accident, good ole Grandma Cook walked in with her booming voice, "where is everybody" she then began to take my side and explain to my mom it wasn't my fault (which she couldn't prove) and then gave me a bag of m&m's which may have started my insane addiction to them.

A Field of Four Leaf Clovers:
We used to go visit Grandma Cook in her old yellow house every once in a while. I remember one time visiting her and Grandpa Cook, when my mom just didn't want us kids around. She told us to go outside and leave the adults alone. My Dad tried to help and said, "you can come back in once you have found a four leaf clover." So what did Grandma Cook do, she came outside to "check" on us and brought us a scotch tape dispenser with which we taped together a bunch of "four leaf" clovers. Once again Grandma Cook to the rescue.

Bridal Shower and Wedding:
I would be kidding myself if I tried to portray my family as put together or the least bit normal, and Grandma Cook always knew that, but this never stopped her from attending ever big life moment I ever had. Grandma has been in the crowd for me and showed support of me through all of my graduations, concerts, through my wedding, bridal shower, and all of my birthday's. Grandma Cook saw me as me, Ash, and I only hope that I will be able to live my life as courageously as she did not ever letting anyone limit who I am and can be. 

This has always stuck in my mind and is something I am proud of Grandma for. She was the first Female Bus Driver in Clark County she drove a bus load of kids every day down rural roads and was offered less pay then a man. She demanded equal pay and was granted it! Classic Grandma Cook. 

I love you Grandma I know you will be in a better place, and with Grandpa Cook. You are by far the strongest woman I know and I can only hope that one day I will be as great a grandma as you were to me. Thanks for always having my back and creating a sense family when I know it was hard to.
Love you always

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