Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Dino Planter

I needed to take a breather from my thesis (again) and relax, which always turns into crafting. So I made "Dino Planters" this is really easy and cheep here is what you need:

a) 1 succulent ($2.00 @ Home Depot) 
b) Plastic animal toy ($3.00 @ Michael's)
c) Spray paint ($4.00 Michael's)
d) Sharp knife (I used a bread knife, make sure your figurine is hallow)

Basically all you do is cut a hole in the back of animal, spray paint the entire thing with one or two coats, let dry and then plant your succulent. I am going to monitor how my plants do and if they aren’t thriving I may buy air plants instead.

That’s all there is too it! So happy crafting! 

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