Wednesday, April 4, 2012

...Breadcrumbs... ...

I was thinking to myself today about my life and how God had shown Himself to me over the past year or so and it dawned on me that I’ve been following breadcrumbs.

Maybe it’s a strange analogy but it has made me better understand the holes in my last one. You see I used to think that God was playing hide and seek in my life one moment He was there and the next in hiding creating peaks and valley’s in my faith.  Contemplating on this though I have realized that God has been ahead of me the whole time leading the way leaving breadcrumbs to entice me to step closer to Him.

I’ve never been much of a church go-er and I really don’t analyze scripture like maybe I should however, I think a lot (being the quiet type) and picture God and His ways and I realize that he is quietly walking through the cobwebs ahead of me leaving behind breadcrumbs of hope for me to pick up. This gives me hope and the courage to keep moving forward in life… sometimes His clues are farther apart and the space between is confusing and scary but remembering that he will guide me to where he wants me to be and that the destination is nothing but pure good fills me with the faith I need to go on.

All this being said to encourage those whose breadcrumbs are farther apart than others… God is always there one step ahead. 

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