Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who You Are Dress

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Just be your self, people say this all the time sometimes to calm themselves down about their insecurities or to make sure they are loved for their true colors. What "being myself" means to me is being the person I was at the best times of my life. Being the person I was when I loved my first horse Ari, being the person I was when I was five and thought I would grow up to be a "natural scientist" these are the people I wish to embody every day of my life. I know it's a little out-there but seriously think to yourself about the times in your life you were uninfluenced by others and chasing something that meant a lot to you. Grasp it and be that person! I tried to capture that soul in this outfit. A simple black maxi dress because its comfortable yet elegant and earthy accessories for the "natural wanderer" in me.

necklace: Bumhemian | ring: Bellevue Arts Museum Store | headband: Urban Outfitters | dress: Target | shoes: Famous Footwear

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