Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dance me to the end of... May:

It's June and almost officially summertime, with that being said here are some of my favorite things from May... Wicked Wahine it's sold at the ABC store in Hawaii so it's not very expensive which is a plus. It smells like plumeria and the beach. love love love it.

This has saved my life! I love my keurig coffee machine but not the expensive k-cups. This way you do not use so much plastic, or waste your favorite ground coffee. 

If you don't know me, then you don't know my absolute hate for TV... it's so distracting and well every time I start watching the next thing I know I've lost an hour of my life.... that being said Paul and I have been watching Top Gear and I'm now addicted. They do the craziest things plus I love their british accents, but we won't tell Paul that.

Shellac nails are heaven... where I work I am not aloud to paint my nails but I got a little braver lately and these are my favorite colors so far... 

Oh and then discovering and loving Madeleine Peyroux I love her clear sultry voice, she will be coming to Seattle on August 29th to the Woodland Park Zoo of all places... and I think I shall be there. 

That sums up Mays favorites... 

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