Friday, February 15, 2013

a very miller valentines day

For Valentines Day I tried a fun new hair style..."the maiden twist" I think I somewhat pulled it off...

Here is my homemade V-Day card to Paul... it has words to remember our lives together.

We had a really fun Valentines Day date, we went to IKEA... yep thats right IKEA. The Mr. bought me a huge frame, and we then got to FINALLY put all of our wedding post cards together and hang them up in our apartment. It was really fun and a great way to remember ALL of our loved ones.

Remember these pics from our wedding...
The vintage post cards from Cavallini & Co. were our guest book.

and now they have become a beautiful new piece of art in our apartment. 
(we really are a great team we made this in less then an hour)

what a wonderful Valentines Day! I hope everyone else had an amazing day filled with love.

roses from my love

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