Thursday, February 7, 2013

free people obsession

So I absolutely love Free People Click HERE... and although I can't really afford their clothing I always like to search their website to get fashion inspiration. I love their long slouchy skirts and tops. Plus there is a Free People store in the Bellevue Square Mall which is near my house and amazing > love their store decor ideas!!!! I purchased my white head wrap there, which I wear way to much... really need to get a colorful one for spring.

it came in handy for our hike in Kauai 

For more about this once in a lifetime hike click >>>HERE

Anyways I was checking out their February catalog and I saw this video posted to share their new clothing. I thought it was a clever way to display merchandise plus it's super cute story line!

here you go...

Roshambo from FreePeople on Vimeo.

P.S. they have these head pieces... I am so temped to try to make my own... it can't be that difficult...right? ; )  CLICK HERE for more hair accessories


  1. Ash That is a really cool marketing idea for showing their February Clothing. I have never seen one that has a story line.

    One day all of your clothes will be from Free People... because you will be working on their blog. :)

  2. ha ha... thanks babe love you. I like working on mine ; )