Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY drift wood ornaments

Paul and I spent Thanksgiving on the Washington Coast at Seabrook. It was so much fun, and I am so grateful to my parents who rented a huge house with an ocean view. Everyone (my two brothers, their girlfriend and fiancee and my nephew) basically got their own wing of the home so it was a really relaxing getaway. While we were there I decided to try to make drift wood ornaments for our Christmas tree, this year I really wanted to do a beach inspired tree. My Mom and Paul helped me collect small pieces of drift wood from the beach and lucky for us there was a really big storm that blew all sorts of debris onto the beach, there was no shortage of branches, sticks, and driftwood. Then I washed and dried them by the fire, my original idea was to hot glue these together which sort of worked but then Paul being Mr. amazing started to twine them together with string which worked even better. And there you have it pretty drift wood star ornaments. We even used one for our tree topper.

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