Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide


This is coming a little late, but I thought I would share some products that I have owned and loved for those of you who are still shopping. From left to right, the first is a flower crown from Emily Elisabeths this is a maker from England so be aware of that if you plan to order this for a gift. You may need to purchase a crown from someone local. I really love this flower crown it is silk so it will never wither away. I think it is really pretty especially for someone with blonde or brightly colored hair. I wore mine for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Shoot.

Party proof! This stuff is amazing I love it so much... it stays on really well and comes off fairly easy. I have the lighter shades but plan on purchasing the brighter colors soon from Birchbox.

Alright Molton Brown is a wonderful smelling, great conditioning hair product! I love it, and that's why it is on here. I accidentally found this on a trip to Seabrook when we stayed at one of the coastal homes and it really made a difference in my hair. I have damaged hair that I am working on repairing and growing out from being bleached blonde and this product works wonders. Oh and the shower and bath products smell amazing too!

Annie Sloan Paint... If you want to buy the artist or antique enthusiast in your family something, this is it! This is such a great paint you seriously do not have to prep anything and only need one coat. The finish is smooth a brilliant they will love it. Hint, Hint you can only purchase this paint from small businesses who carry it (yay support small businesses) you can find vendors on the Annie Sloan website.

The last is a crystal necklace I purchased from Bumhemian. This artist has a wide variety of inexpensive mineral jewlery and ships her products promptly.

Ok thats it for today I hope you see something you or a friend would like! Happy Holidays!

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