Monday, February 9, 2015

DIY "UP" Theme Tote Bag

DISCLAIMER: I missed a letter not saying where ;)

Yes, I am celebrating Valentines day, and Galentine's Day all week! I decided to make some crafts that can be used as V-day gifts. I have been dying to try this project, a DIY potato stamped tote. This is my first time creating a real potato stamp, and you can definitely tell! lol I started by getting the cookie cutter stuck in the potato, and then some of the ink from the outside edges of the stamp touched my canvas while I was stamping. Overall I do like how it turned out, I feel like it looks raw and artsy. Ok THIS video feels dated but it is a great demonstration on how to actually cut the stamp... I found using a cookie cutter was a really simple solution. I chose the "UP" theme because I am obsessed with all things "UP", I mean my cats name is Kevin. It is my second favorite love story next to mine and Pauls. ;) Happy crafting ALL!

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