Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coastal Time-Out | Pacific Beach, WA

When life gets rough I find myself wanting to press a nonexistant reset button unfortunately life just keeps moving forward, so what I find helpful is ducking out for a breather. This year has been very challenging in a number of ways and it has started to bog both Paul and I down. We decided that if we could find an affordable place to stay on the coast for a weekend that we would run away from life for a day. My family spends our holidays in Seabrook, Washington and we love it there so much! I gave Seabrook a call and was able to find a smaller inn they manage closer to the coast for an inexpensive rate SCORE! We loved it! It is called "The Sweet Alice Inn" The weather in Seattle has been AMAZING for February and although I am concerned what this means for the rest of the year in terms of a pending drought, we could not have picked a nicer weekend to runaway to the coast. 

This year I am trying to re-focus my attention on my health, spirituality, fitness, and emotional state. I think sometimes we can take for granted our emotional and mental health thinking that if our bodies are fit and healthy then everything else will just fall in line. I do not think that this is necessarily true and want to re-focus on my inner health and state of mind. So when things got a little crazy taking some time to reflect, cope, and reconnect was the healing that I needed. I would urge you to step back for a moment from your busy lives and take note of your inner health. Everyone has different ways of coping with stress, change, and this roller coaster called life but I would suggest the healing power of the Sea. When you get to the beach you may want to take a reflective quiet approach to your activities  but in case you are stumped on what to do with your time at the beach check out my beach bucket list below! 

My Beach Bucket List

*Links provided are from our two favorite beaches Yachats, OR and Pacific Beach, WA

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