Monday, February 23, 2015

Sky View App, A Beach Necessity!

You took some time off work, or maybe just planned a weekend to pack your things and head to the beach. You found your hotel, scouted out the perfect bonfire pit, and maybe even mapped out a hike or two. But now the sun is setting and you feel a little well, bored. I mean after all how long can you stand on a beautiful but somewhat empty beach? That's where I come in... you have to check out this app. After the awe of the sunset pull out your phone whether it's cloudy or not and download the Sky View App. Paul and I have so much fun with it, you just aim your screen towards the stars and the app lets you know what constellations, planets, even satellites are floating around in that area! It is really amazing and works even if there are clouds. It is so much fun and I love how it draws out constellations for you. So next time you find yourself contemplating calling it a night when the sun sets on your favorite beach, remember that phone in your pocket and give this app a try! Oh and just so you know its FREE! 

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