Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day DIY Candy Vase

Valentine's Day is this week! I am pretty excited for it because it marks the beginning of the end of this gloomy winter. Oh and Paul and I have a fun date planned! More on that later >>> I wanted to have some flowers around this week to brighten up our apartment and I just don't like roses... I never really have they seem very kitsch to me I guess. I love tulips though so I created a pretty candy jar vase using candy hearts and small tulips. This is a really easy project for anyone to do. I bought 3 bags of the hearts from the dollar store filled one of my storage jars, and put a small vase in the middle for the flowers. Right now tulips are really inexpensive you can get bundles of them at the grocery store for $10. Just saying - I think that this arrangement is really cute and budget friendly for anyone looking for Valentine's Day decor or gift ideas. I love this project because it has me thinking ahead to spring. I can't wait to visit the Tulip Festivals and on time this year hopefully to get a glimpse of these gorgeous flowers. Do you have any fun plans coming up for V-day?

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