Thursday, February 26, 2015

Healthy Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

I started a new workout routine, and I have made it to my second week! I feel stronger and healthier already but last night I got a little crazy during my workout and pulled/strained my calf muscle. I think it is fine, but it feels like at any moment I am going to get a major charlie horse in my leg. I was looking up home remedies and of course it was suggested to eat a banana. I HATE bananas! To me they taste mushy and gross so I had to get creative. I decided to try to make a somewhat healthy smoothie using 1.5 bananas, cause honestly muscle cramps are the worst! Here is the recipe for my smoothie. 1.5 peeled banana, 5 whole strawberries, and 1 cup of honey-vanilla greek yogurt. Blend until liquified and there you go! It wasn't bad at all and I could totally stand the banana taste. The main reason I went a little nuts during my workout last night is because I have discovered some great music check out my top 10 workout songs below!

My Top 10 Workout Songs!


  1. Strawberry and banana smoothies are my FAVORITE! They make for the best breakfast ever! Or lunch.... Or mid-day snack... Or dinner? Haha I just love them! ;)

  2. I know! I am totally addicted they are fantastic!