Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3 Year Blogaversary Celebration!

T oday charcoal and ash turns 3 so you guys get triple the pics! I have loved every minute of my blogging experience and I am so excited that I found a hobby where I can let my creative side flourish. That being said I am ready for this blog to be more than just a hobby and that's why I have chosen today the anniversary of the beginning of it all to announce that I will be attending my first ever professional blog conference in San Francisco this September. I will be attending the The Blogcademy taught be three sassy and successful headmistresses Gala Darling, Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet, and Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride. I am beyond ecstatic to be participating in this game changer of a conference you can check out the Blogcademy promo video below. (I don't think it is sold out yet, so check it out!) Ahhh did I mention how excited I am? I mean like really excited! I am already planning my questions and outfits! I can not wait to gather new ideas, gain business advice, and meet other bloggers! I'm also excited to bring the quality of my blog to another level for my amazing readers... I know I have just a few but I appreciate every one of you. You deserve to have exciting, intriguing, and gorgeous photos and content to discover ever time you visit this blog. Thanks for being here! If you have not done so already I would like to invite you to subscribe to charcoal and ash to receive updates, previews and more exciting things in the near future.

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leather jacket and necklace / Sheinside
dress / Modcloth
tulle skirt / DIY

A big thank you to my husband Paul for always supporting me in whatever crazy thing I come up with! I love you so much and feel truly blessed to be married to someone who loves all of me during the good times and the bad.

This photo shoot was done at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I was really lucky because the tulips were almost 3 weeks early this year so there were not a lot of visitors yet. Normally these fields draw thousands of people to the area at the beginning of the tulip festival starting April 1st. I highly recommend visiting especially if you are a photographer! The contrast of the blue mountains, fields of gold daffodils and fuchsia tulips is unreal. If you do end up visiting bring boots! it is really muddy and be sure to stop by the Calico Cupboard Cafe on your way out they have the best locally grown food and a huge selection of glutton free bakery items. Another fun thing is the giant flock of snow geese that roam the area. You can see the giant flock in the background of the last few photos of this post - I totally had the urge to run towards them to make them fly


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