Sunday, May 6, 2012

ART: the ink blot test

Working at the Bellevue Arts Museum has exposed me to many peoples opinion of Art. This you can imagine must be taken with a grain of salt however, I came across a new concept in regards to peoples opinion of different art pieces.

Art is like an ink blot test...

Peoples opinions on art is based generally off their own life experiences. What opinions and thoughts fabricated in peoples mind around a piece has formulated I believe over years of life experiences....Why do I think this?

Take this piece.....

I heard someone say it was a inkblot test and I was intrigued... now I've been listening to what people think about it and these are their answers:

"It reminds me of the holocaust"

"it's a football team surrounding the "football" which is the rabbit"

"it's like a metaphor for bullying and the crowd is antagonizing the helpless rabbit"

"it's a bunch of aliens or tribe that are fascinated by the rabbit because they have never seen one before"

and personally I think:

That the rabbit has a invisible force field around it and that it is holding the people back in a perfect circle 

The piece is called the Nave by artist Mark Chatterley...

Ask yourself... What was your first reaction? and why do you think this is?

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