Monday, May 28, 2012

DAY 4: Our View From The Sky...

Wednesday morning, 7:15am to be exact... I know this because that's super early to be up on your vacation... Paul and I went on a helicopter ride.

Super scary... really... especially when your bus driver taking you to the launching pad divides teams up into two... 1. Johns team... John has 45,000 successful helicopter tours under his belt and 2. Jason's team who has 45,000 successful FLIGHT SIMULATOR tours under his belt... guess who's team I made?

So as we sit waiting for the helicopter to start up I strap on my floatation device and Paul explains why I don't get a parachute which I am not thrilled about... Paul and I were seated next to each other in the very front of the helicopter. We lifted off and started our hour long flight tour of Kauai.

I have to admit next to our hike to Hanakapi'ia falls this was one of the best things we did! we learned so much and saw so many isolated parts of the island impossible to get to on foot. We flew over Barking Sands Missile Launch, along the Na Pali coast line, over the Waimea Canyon, and the Manawaiopuna Falls (AKA Jurassic Parks Waterfall).  The sites of the island are breathtaking and "yes" just as gorgeous as the many screen savers I stared at the week prior to my trip.

I am pretty proud of myself as I am really afraid of heights, but honestly I wouldn't have missed that flight for the world sitting next to my best friend taking in the beautiful island together.

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