Monday, June 23, 2014

Reflecting on the Redwoods

Paul and I just returned from the Northern California Coast. We had a blast, and I was really excited because I was able to see the Redwoods for the first time. I was amazed I cannot believe how gorgeous they are and driving down the Redwood Highway was unrealistic looking out at trees that were bigger then our car. Paul and I stopped at a park called Lady Bird Johnson Grove on the way home and walked through the Redwoods and even stood inside some of the burnt ones. When I was walking through the forest there were a few ideas that came to mind. First, I was so interested to see when one Redwood dies another begins growing out of it and actually thriving. The other is that the roots of the Redwood are shallow and the tree in general is very malleable and able to grow around other trees and meld together. I know it sounds over-thought but looking at these trees hundreds of years old and yet cascading over the forest-it made me think about life and what someone could learn from them. These are the world’s largest trees, and you would think that they would be more susceptible to breaks, disease, and ultimately extinction and yet they have remained strong and survived because of their flexibility. This is a time in my life where things are a little uncertain in terms of employment, living situations, and my overall next goals but taking survival tips from the Redwoods remaining flexible yet resilient is the key to not only surviving but thriving in an uncertain environment. 

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