Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh darling, let's be adventurers

I am about ready to tear into my apartment and start re-organizing and cleaning. It is going to be a LONG process as I don't think I have organized up to me old OCD standards since I moved into this apartment two years ago (thanks grad school!) Honestly it is times like these that I wish the cleaning queen lived closer to me (my mom) That being said, I love cleaning, organizing, and nesting, but something that is really amazing to me is my new found love for travel. I didn't realize just how much I love to wander and I think Paul is just as into it. We love adventure, trying new things, finding hidden treasures and hiking. I don't think we are your everyday outdoorsy people but that doesn't mean we don't love getting lost in the woods or spending the day walking along the beach. Every trip I have ever taken with Paul has been a blast, sure we argue when we get lost, or about who's driving but its fun! A experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. I am so excited to go on our next trip back to the Pacific Beach at Seabrook for the Fourth-of-July! You can let off fireworks there! Plus it's a house full of my family which actually is always really fun! 

I was so focused on taking a wave picture I didn't see all the seals quietly napping on the rocks!

Succulents in their natural habitat 

This rock reminds me of the decorative ones you buy for your aquarium  

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