Thursday, June 26, 2014

Getting in the Groove

Once upon a time I lived in an apartment in a barn. Surrounded by 30 acres of farmland and horses, and all I could think about was the day I could live in the city. Ironically now I dream about having a barn for a house someday. That being said while I lived at home on the farm I owned two horses and rode three, I went to college classes, worked at a medical clinic, and then came home and cleaned stalls it was amazing! I had a routine and I loved it I also was fit as a fiddle -yes I said it.

I am loving this new found time after grad school really it's not about the time out of class it's the not having a syllabus of assignments looming over my head everyday. I am really trying to whip my apartment and life back into shape in the next few days mainly by getting organized. After all one trait of successful people is being organized. (Although it's a little harder when your married and have to account for 2 people ;)

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