Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black friday steals

Even though I spent Thanksgiving on the beautiful Washington Coast, I still could not resist Black Friday, although, this time I did my crazy shopping online. This year I decided to find a dress for the holidays and thanks to Ruche I was able to purchase this powder blue cuteness. I am thinking it can be an easy holiday dress by accenting with red. 

Then I came upon this super cute purse on Nordstrom's site which to me looks like something you would purchase from Anthropology but way less expensive. I am in desperate need of a bag since Grad School’s books destroyed my last one...

Anyways, Paul and I plan to have a romantic night out in Seattle soon so stay tuned for pretty styled pics of this pale blue gown!

P.S. Normal purchase total $200.00 Black Friday total $49.00 >>> gotta love good deals!!!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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