Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall Freak-out! Clean-out!

I did it! I achieved my goal of cleaning, organizing, and redecorating my entire apartment, and it only took 9 days. Ok I went a little crazy, I think me being unemployed contributed to my OCD breakout. I have to admit though I feel totally rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever next big adventure lies ahead. I want to share with you my "Fall Freak-Out! Clean-Out!" and how I went about it so that you too can cleanse your space and soul in preparation for the changing of seasons.

I basically did this in 3 phases and moved from space to space. The phases are consolodate, organize, and clean. Meaning that I first weeded out any unwanted goods. I didn't always like to do this but it turns out that over the last two years I accumulated a lot of junk (or things I had no space to store, and no intention of using) so these things were collected and taken to the Goodwill for someone else to love. Then I organized as you can see in the photos I am a little obsessive compulsive, I like things to be stacked neatly or categorized. I know, I know, I'm a freak, but seriously if you were to name an item in my household I could tell you exactly where it is and that to me is awesome! It seems like doing things such as making sure hangers all face the same direction, or books are stacked largest to smallest, would take a lot of time but each individual task is not actually all that hard. I found it really relaxing and put on my favorite band and rocked out until I was finished.

One thing to keep in mind if you are a pet owner, is to create a safe place for them. For Kevin especially, he doesn't like change, or mess. It's funny the vet told me that his breed does not do well with change and I didn't think much of it until I started moving furniture around and Kevin came unglued. Walking around the apartment aimlessly meowing as loud as he could. So... that being said, and in general, Paul and I decided to create Kevin a little oasis that is his "room." We don't go back there and it is fully equipped with his favorite freshly washed blanket and kitty tower. Just something to think about for your furry friends. Kevin loves his spot and it completely changed his attitude. 

Another factor to keep in mind while cleaning is that there are plenty of things that can be machine washed. Couch covers and shower curtains to name a few. Also, don't underestimate the power of the dishwasher. I used this to wash a variation of glass, ceramic, and plastic goods. Just be mindful of what temperature setting you're using.

My husband also bought me an awesome glass shelf at Ikea and I was able to dust off and display my entire rock collection. Another reason I love cleaning so much is that it inspires me to redecorate with old things that may have been forgotten. Well, I hope you can take some tips away from this post, and seriously if you missed out on Spring Cleaning, Fall is the next best season for a fresh start. 

Happy Dusting!

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