Thursday, August 14, 2014

Glamorous Waves in Under 20

I love glamorous waves unfortunately for me these do not come naturally. I am naturally a frizzy headed brunette, so it takes a lot of chemical and curler time for me to become a dramatic wavy blonde. Because I love the blonde waves so much I have gotten my beauty routine down to an art which I will share below. 

Basically I brush out my frizzy hair, use an Ionic Curling Iron (which I purchased at Nordstrom) and begin curling from my bangs all the way around my head. Then I just pull my fingers through my hair to get a natural look and spray with my ultimate favorite product from Birchbox 12 Benefits (avoid hairspray, you don't want crunchy curls) and BAM! Pretty glamorous hair! This is my routine I hope this helps anyone attempting this gorgeous look! P.S. Set a timer this seriously takes under 20 minutes if your hair is dry starting out. 

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