Sunday, October 12, 2014

Testing, Testing... Mini Pies

have been working on ideas for Thanksgiving this year, and believe it or not I have never made a pie. At least not without the help of another older more experienced family member. I decided to start by attempting Mini Salted Carmel Apple Pies. You can find the recipe for them on Just A Taste. They are really easy to make! I would just decide ahead of time how you want to crimp them. I wasn't sure what that meant but apparently there are different ways of crimping pie with a fork or your fingers to make them look pretty and keep the crust together. I am curious how long you could freeze "preserve" something like this, because it would be great to make them before I leave to the coast. (Yes! We are spending Thanksgiving at the beach!) I can't wait to test out more recipes for the Holidays and advance my baking/cooking skills. It is my dream to one day host a Thanksgiving Dinner at my own home (Barn House) with tons of food all made from scratch with my family. It would be so exciting! and sooooo my training continues lol

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