Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yachats our Favorite Spot

P aul and I were recently able to take a trip to our favorite spot Yachats, Oregon thanks to his parents who let us crash the last few days of their vacation home rental. We had such a good time playing with their new Dachshund puppy Jack and taking walks along the beach. Well, all except our romantic evening walk in to town followed by a not so romantic run/walk back to the house through dense trees being dive bombed by bats. Funny story we used our new iPhones as lights to detour the bats and it totally reminded me of Harry Potter. I was half tempted to yell Expect Patronum. Ok got that out of my system. We really had a great time, and on the way home I just couldn't stop thinking about life, how short it is, and how I want to spend mine. I know, I know deep thinking again, but seriously I am on this never ending job hunt/unsolved career mystery and really all I want out of life is to spend every day with Paul traveling the world. It's just funny how we (people in general) have convinced ourselves that success = job, money, car, house, family. Maybe I'm the only one but I just don't think I am. In summing up this semi rant in the next few years I hope to travel more, see more, and do more. 

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