Monday, October 12, 2015

Autumnal Sweet Treats

Hello, hello, I am sorry I haven't been on the blog as much... I am actually working on a ton of new projects so that I can be more consistent with my blog schedule. I am hoping in the near future to be posting every Monday and Wednesday so stay tuned for that. Life has been crazy lately... I have been interning for the last 6 months at Moorea Seal and that recently lead to a job which I am super excited about! I visited San Francisco for the Blogcademy a few weeks ago which was SO worth it and I am currently looking for a new place to live/ "maybe" entertaining the idea of starting the house buying process... we shall see ;) All that being said I have been BUSY. So to slow things down a bit and get in the mood for the holiday season which is right around the corner here are a few of my favorite fall treat posts. Follow the link below the images for the full post and recipes.

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