Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Thoughts on Little Moments

ne of my greatest strength yet biggest downfalls is that I am a deep thinking. I think a lot and tend to over analyze things. Something I have been hung up on recently is fleeting moments, you know the moments of pure happiness. Ok let me give you some examples of mine and you can compare since I don't have an actual definition. Waking up on Saturday morning to the sound of rain, the smell of coffee, and your love snuggled next to you. Spending the whole day with your Mom, reminiscing about the past, planning the future, and soaking up every subtle moment of the present. Sitting around a bonfire with your brothers making s'mores and cracking jokes. Driving through a sun speckled forest, singing as loud as you can on a road trip with your spouse. These are just a few but there is something about these moments I love. It is a sense of acceptance, love, and comfort. Sometimes when I am in the moment I almost feel sad because I am so happy, and I worry that nothing will be able to compare to it, but then it happens again. One of the greatest joys of my life has been discovering this, learning to preserve the feeling in my memories, and finding it in my everyday. Worry is the killer of this feeling, by worrying I am not present in the moment my mind is too wrapped up and involved to even notice those around me. I am so grateful that I have found the ability to identify these fleeting moments of happiness in my life, and I wish that same thing for every one of you. I hope you enjoy these photos my adventure with my husband to the Puyallup Fair it was a "little moments" packed day.

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  1. sooooo beautiful pictures! love them!