Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Things I want to see before I die... preferably much sooner

So these aren't in any order, and I am not taking into consideration what Paul wants to do here, however, this is my list of things I really want to see in this lifetime. Seeing how Paul and I want to travel a lot before we settle down for good it is highly likely one or two of these might actually get checked off, at least I keep telling myself they are.

The Art Institute of Chicago - To see this painting :)
The Tate Modern Museum
Sistine Chapel - I feel like this is a priority
This one speaks for itself

Sagrada Familia Barcelona - I am so fascinated with this architecture I want to see it in real life!
The School of Beaux Arts in France - I've been here, but I want to go back!
Kinda just need to make this one happen.
I would love to see any artwork by these two... where ever.

Hofburg Imperial Palace - I would feel like I was in Heaven :)
The Hermatage Museum Russia
Well there are plenty more places to put on here, but this is a start... 
good thing Paul likes ART!

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